Bible Exhibition – A Visual Journey Through the Bible

We are attempting to revamp an old tool used for Gospel Proclamation – the Bible Exhibition. In the old days, this exhibition travelled around the country and had a very positive effect in terms of building comrade with the members who manned it, as well as those who were introduced to the Christadelphians via this interactive means. The stands have rusted (and they were LARGE) – TRUCKS were used to cart this effort around and many ‘bits’ have been lost. To try streamline the current effort, hollow core doors (.85m X 2.1m) are painted and hinged together to form cubicles in which various artefacts are displayed or hung. It has taken shape more as a visual journey through the Bible, starting at Genesis and (God willing) working through to Revelation. There will be 66 panels in total. (Thanks go to the free Bible images found on the web  which I have copied). Here are some efforts so far:


bible-exhibition-abrahamThe call of Abraham.  Some artefacts – for example the cuneiform tablets are displayed as hanging, or they may be on tables under perspex.

bible-exhibition-egyptThis stand holds a very old copy of The Book of the Dead and a vessel made from Egyptian paste, one of the materials of choice to mould the turquoise scarab beetles.

bible-exhibition-christadelphiansMoses and the parting of the Red Sea/Receiving the 10 Commandments

bible-exhibitionFall of Jericho, Sampson – Books of Joshua and Judges.

There are ale some very old Bibles in this collection.  To see the journey of this amazing volume so that we can have it to read in freedom can only be viewed as a miraculous event.




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